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  • Advantages of CCTV Drain Camera Inspection
  • There are many advantages in using the CCTV Drain Camera Inspection method.
  • It can locate the exact location of the blockage in places where it is difficult to access.
  • The camera will emit a signal that will enable us to find out the position and depth of the blockage.
  • It can find out the layout of the pipes below the ground which give accurate information to us, as to where exactly to dig to carry out the remedial work.
  • As it furnishes the accurate information, it is easy to decide where to dig, how deep to dig, what preparation work needs to be done and so on which results in lesser repair costs.
  • It can help to find minor problems before they develop into mega problems. Damage caused by usage, poor construction, tree roots, etc., can be seen through the camera and the sooner they are seeing the faster they can be repaired, thereby saving us from the trouble of major repairs and expenditure.
  • It is beneficial to have a leakage inspection done on the property you intend to buy. This can help you make the right decision. A property with drain problems is definitely not worth buying. It is unnecessary headache and the problems will mean huge repair costs.
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